Photo Contest: Coasts and Rivers—Changing Landscapes

Photo Contest Sponsored by Legambiente and Rome’s Order of Architects

How can photography be used to portray the continual transformation between the landscape and water?


With almost 7500 kilometers of coastline and another 1200 km of rivers, Italy has abundant water resources. The relationship between coastline and the land constitutes not only a unique environmental patrimony but also an important part of Italian identity, history, and collective memory. The changes which have occurred in the last decades in this field are relatively unknown and unstudied despite their relevancy.

In light of the third Biennial of Public Space, Legambiente and the Department of Urban Regeneration of Rome’s Order of Architects are sponsoring a photography contest called “Coasts and Rivers—Changing Landscapes.” Amateur and professional photographers alike are invited to submit images on this subject.

The first prize winner will receive 700 euros and the second prize winner will receive 300 euros. The winning photographs will be published on the website of Rome’s Order of Architects and will also be exhibited at Legambiente’s partner associations in a traveling exhibition.

Images must be submitted by April 20, 2015. Participation is free and open to people of every age and nationality.

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