Summer School 2013 «neuroergonomics and urban placemaking»


ISB summer school

Unique, dynamic, independent and international, ISB School is much more than a school of architecture. The school is the nexus of a global conglomeration of not only contemporary architectural culture, but also of past precedents. The ISB’s manifestations include a high-profile public events programme, lectures, symposia, seminars, conversations, research clusters and visits. Tutors, lecturers and critics include masters as well as professionals pooled from diverse disciplines. All this takes place at the ISB’s newly consolidated campus home in the historic site of Artena (Rome).

Each year we expect to accommodate a group of up to 20/25 participants of varying ages and differing backgrounds, including prospective university students, international students, and those who are simply keen to develop their interest in Biourbanism.

Participants can expect to produce a range of work including drawings, models and videos. Students will work in groups, and individually under the instruction of the ISB’s teaching staff.


An authentic sustainable design must deal with energy- and environment-saving technical solutions, and also with functional and restorative connections to the human neurophysiological system. Psychology and medicine show how space design can nurture or damage our well-being. A scientific knowledge, both theoretical and practical, of how human neurophysiology reacts to the organization and the shapes of space, is the first step for producing a really sustainable new design for the 21st century. This residential course is aimed at giving participants (architects, designers, engineers, psychologists, social scientists, and policy makers) a unique competence in a new field of practice and research, with relevant professional opportunities. This year we’ll welcome a group of 25 participants of different ages and backgrounds, including international students, scholars, policy makers, and professionals who are keen to specialize in Neuroergonomics.


The workshop will be held in Artena (Rome), Italy, a beautiful and picturesque little town dating back to the 13th century and placed on a hill in the Lepini Mountains, 420 m above the sea level, and 40 km South of Rome. This is a perfect place to visit the fascinating surrounding area, with historical towns such as Palestrina, Segni, Anagni, Sermoneta and Norma, and many gorgeous natural beauties. It is located just 40 minutes from Rome (both by train or car). The climate is mild and this makes summer very pleasant.

teaching methodology

Daily lectures will be accompanied by practical experiences, including drawing sessions, guided visits to important examples of architecture, urbanism and built landscapes of different ages, perception and psychometric exercises. Time will be devoted to enhancing participants’ innate abilities; to study how the environment affects human beings; to analyze the relationship between mimesis and creativity, and employ it for producing wellness-eliciting forms. Fundamentals of neurology, environmental psychology, anatomy, architecture and art related to the topics will be provided. In particular, classes will focus on specific design patterns related to different neurophysiological conditions. Different social and cultural implications of specific design choices will be actively discussed.


The Summer School is open to students in Architecture and Design and to professionals worldwide.
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