Call video 2017 – Informale – SOS Seating for Socializing

SOS – Seating for Socializing

Anno: 2015

Sezione: Informale
Could 1m3 transform a SPACE in a PLACE? The project aims to study how inexpensive improvements can improve the social condition of the public spaces in HK.

SOS consists of 27 cubes of 32cm contained in a steel structure with overall dimensions of 1m3. This compact volume can assume infinite spatial configurations, creating a FLEXIBLE space where users can freely decide the position of the seating cubes and the resulting use. The playful component generated by the interaction and self-construction of their space may represent a moment of SOCIAL aggregation.
The proposal comes from the concept that any space can become a place for collective use, through the interaction/exchange and user participation. The main idea of the project is to re-activate a space when is needed. Due to its COMPACT dimensions and weight SOS can be easily moved and transported using a minivan.
Durata: 2
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong Public Space Initiative