Call for video 2017 – Terzo paesaggio – Broken Presence

Broken Presence

Anno: 2017

Sezione: Terzo paesaggio
Broken Presence transforms the ruin and desolation of abandoned architectural surfaces in downtown St. Louis into a poetic space. The aesthetic presence of the performers and the music re-appropriate these paradoxical structures. Now almost completely demolished or abandoned, they were once symbols of hope for the many that looked up to “the gateway to the West”, as St. Louis was then known, for a chance at a brighter future. The recovery of that memory, though haunting in exposing the neglect and decay that have blighted the city, allows us to inhabit these spaces once again, albeit only symbolically. The filling of this experiential gap unleashes sorrow, but also presents the possibility of healing.
Durata: 5
Directed and edited by Merve Erdem & Jose Garza
Choreography by Arica Brown
Performance by Madison DeWitt, Olivia Perez,Ju Kim, Raii Morehead
Music by ”Touch” byHoly Other
”Loscil” by Drained Lake